[INTRO]: Victory day is one of the most favorite celebration day for many people on the Planet and especially for those who living in Russia.

We, radio amateurs, are no exception... That's why radio-marathon "POBEDA" starts every year... This has become a good tradition of amateur radio world.

(sometimes hundreds) of special callsigns sound around the clock on the air carrying the honor guard of memory and paying tribute to the heroes - defenders of the Motherland.

This year we celebrate 75th anniversary of this great event... and for this reason, a group of radio amateurs from Voronezh decided to operate as a team by using special callsign - RP75QP

R: Radio, P: Pobeda ("Victory"), 75: 75 years, Q: "Shchuchensky" (the name of the place) P:
Plazdarm ("Bridgehead")

"Shchuchensky Plazdarm" is one of the most famous battle field in the Voronezh region. Check the "RP75QP" page to learn more.

[HOT NEWS]: a big part of the team decides to install a FIELD-DAY-style shack very close to the memorial... So they are in the field now and doing the best they can to set up the shack. We will upload photos to the PHOTOS page as the photos become available.


RP75QP - we are planning to be active on all HF bands including WARC. MODES: CW, SSB, FT-8
The team consists of radio amateurs from Voronezh region. Team leader Vladimir Voeykov,

All the team members and their contacts are listed in the "CONTACTS" page.

All QSOs will be uploaded to

TKS to RL5D (MU2K) for the ENG translation!